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Read my latest short story in the Michigan Quarterly Review.


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Read my short story Passport in the winter 2020 issue of the Michigan Quarterly Review.



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Maria Gabriela Guevara is a Venezuelan-American writer. She is a graduate of The Book Project at Lighthouse Writers Workshop, where she remains active in the writers’ community. Her debut fiction publication, the short story Passport, is now available in Michigan Quarterly Review. She is currently working on a collection of short stories and a screenplay.

She is a pain management pharmacist and has several publications in medical journals, including JAMA Network Open. She lives in Denver and loves to hike, bike, sit in the sunshine, and practice yoga.

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I used to be one of those writers that waited for inspiration to strike. I am a romantic and loved the idea that when I was struck, something otherworldly happened. Now I have supposedly reached some writerly ideal. I write every day, most days 20 minutes per day. I occasionally get some longer stretches on weekend mornings or afternoons, but it isn’t consistent. My “real” job takes up a lot of brain space and creativity so even though I’m not a morning person, writing in the morning works best.  Read More


The Lookout, Lighthouse Writers Workshop Blog

The past few years, I’ve been thinking more about my identity. I was born in Venezuela and my parents came to the United States when I was six months old. Spanish was my first language, and I was mandated to speak it at home (something I was later grateful to my mother for). Though I learned how to read and write in Spanish in Venezuela, the year I spent there in kindergarten, my proficiency in English eventually overtook my Spanish.  Read More


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To learn more about my writing and collection-in-progress, please email me at mariagguevara(at)gmail(dot)com

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